The Hi-Fidelity Lounge is located at:


2711 6th Street
Bremerton, WA 98312




  1. Great drinks, great people, great times!

    I have been weekly and have found the above true everytime.

    Kutos on a fun, welcoming, and intoxicating bar in Bremerton.

    Thank you

  2. if you wanna open during the day, im the bartender you need! I can bring you business and a steady daytime croud, trust me!

  3. Well, you are welcome to come by and say hello. But as of this time we are not actually looking for bartenders. We might consider it in the future though, so it never hurts to stop by and introduce yourself… unless of course you get drunk and obnoxious like some folks who have decided to harass us about work.

    But we always like meeting new friendly faces!

  4. Good times. Glad to see a good crowd last night. Pretty much the only bar in town the wife and I go to regularly.

  5. Gentry…..Tommy’s b-day is Saturday. I’m sure you remember. I expect about 20 or so people to come down there around 9-ish or so that evening. Also, could you email me as soon as possible. I have some important questions for you. By the way, since people will be reading this… just wanted to say that your lounge is such a refreshing and enjoyable new place in this part of the world to frequent. Not once have I encountered a bad person…let alone a bad vibe in your joint. The atmosphere is hip, relaxed and ever-changing. The setup is original and nice…the prices are friendly to everyone….and your staff (you included, of course) is awesome. I highly recommend your place to anyone who likes good people, good eclectic music, opportunities for making new friends and seeing a side of Bremerton that reminds people of where they come from by making them feel right at home. ROCK n ROLL
    pieces & chunks

  6. Do you have a regular happy hours?

    • Hi Angela,

      Though you left your post a long time ago… i was just looking through old posting and thought i would answer you. I dont think we had happy hour back then, but we sure have it now.

      Tuesday – Friday 3-7
      $5 pitchers
      $3.5 wells
      Lots of food specials

      If you haven’t been down before, everything is fresh and home made. So come on by Angela and let the first drink or foody nibble be on us 🙂

  7. We will have regular happy hours soon. Very soon. Stay tuned…

  8. Hey Gentry! Just dropping in to say thanks for the hospitality and all that you did for us when we came through town. The Hi-Fidelity is a very special place and I hope people catch on and realize they have something to really appreciate there!

    We recommend the Hi-Fidelity to all our friends in touring bands….hope things go well for you and say hi to Elle!

  9. The Hi Fidelity is an awsome little bar that is without a doubt the best in Bremerton and rivals the best little bars in Seattle! Fresh fruit in all the fancy drinks and the place is clean and scrubbed every time I go in! Definitely not a dive bar, this is a place to go and enjoy socializing with nice people. I am not a big drinker but I do enjoy talking with the great folks that come in to this great place! Good food to!

  10. Hi Gentry and Family,

    Thanks for letting us play and hang out with you guys last night. We had a great time. The warm and welcome atmosphere there really brought out some good performances by the band. Hope we can come up and spend some time with you all again in the future. You just say the word!

    At your service,

    The Joshua Adams Band




    TIM 360-440-3462
    HARRY 360-876-4202
    DAVE 360-801-0217
    ERNIE 360-689-4085


    • Well thanks for contacting us. Three quick things, in net lingo ALL CAPS mean that you are YELLING. Second, blog website responses are not the best place to contact us…. try instead “thehifidelitylounge (at)”. Third, we pay the cover to the band, but we can’t guaruntee 300 bucks. Depending on the crowd we’ve brought in close to 200 but not 300 so far….

  12. After a very successful and fun weekend last week in Port Townsend and Pioneer Square, we look forward to coming back to the High-Fidellity Lounge. The band has some new material, new vocal arrangements, and even some new shirts 🙂 We hope to see all of our old friends, and meet some new ones. See you on Friday night…

    Easy Eddie

  13. Mr G
    The GONE JOHNSON REVUE will finish up the Seattle leg of the tour Thursday and see you Friday night.
    Does the stage still look like an aquarium? We will bring a bubble machine.
    What time do we start making noise?

    Love & Kisses …………..

  14. HI. Do you guys have the ability to do all ages shows?

  15. My tinglies are all tingling in anticipation of Halloween and Hifipalooza (sic?) Does this count as a shout out?

  16. Hey looking forward to the show I have with you guys Nov 25th! If anyone likes hillbilly music from Tennessee tellemto take a listen @

    See yall there!
    -Peewee Moore

  17. Is there wi-fi at the hi-fi?

  18. What time does the New Years party start?

  19. I enjoy the lounge however, would like to know where is the bar that is pictured on the webisite, are there 2 lounges? That picture isn’t the lounge on 6th.

    • That picture is most certainly the bar at 6th. Took it myself. Don’t know how it could be confusing.

  20. My first time here was Sat 2/13th and I loved it. I will for sure be back!

  21. Any way I can play for this lounge? I really need to get back into the music scene…

  22. email kelly @

  23. Do you serve food as well? Not clear on website.

    • Yes, we have sandwiches, pizza, soups and salads. All made fresh.

  24. Do you have a email address we can send to? I have some questions about shows that I do not want to post for everyone to read.


  25. Hi Hi-Fidelity Lounge,
    Hope all is well, thanks for letting Hindershot play. Can’t wait to come back. Tell Sue “hi” for us. -Stuart

    • Oh man.. i was literally JUST thinking about you guys. When are you coming back our way?

      As for Sue, she really turned into a problem, getting ripped every time she came in.. and coming in every day. Lying to me about how she was getting home. She doesn’t come in any more so much.

      Nice to hear from you Stuart. Say hi to the gang for me and come back real soooon.


      • Too bad about Sue, I totally saw that coming. We will be coming out that way again in the spring, methinks. Get ready to party hardy.

  26. Oh I’m ready! And you guys have places to stay in Bremerton when you get here.

    See you in the Spring!

  27. Hey Guys!!!!!

    Jared and I are hitting the road as an acoustic duo for a spring tour and are dying to get back into the Hi-Fi Lounge. Have you started booking for May yet? We will be up that way the first couple weeks in May. Let us know asap.

    Miss you guys and hope all is well.

    Jessi, Champagne Sunday

  28. Hi there I’m a drag queen. I just graduate college and moved back home til I find a job in the theatre business, but I heard you guys do drag shows. I was just wondering when they are usually and how can I be part of them. I have some other questions but if you guys email me back I’m glad to setup an interview if you’d like.
    Thanks so much,
    Brian Johnson / Tina Sparkle

  29. Hi, I would very much like to see more vegan options. I was thrilled to learn that you had vegan mac and cheese, I’m relatively new in town, but now I’ve learned it was taken off the menu. I haven’t come into eat yet (soon), but would love it if the menu made it slightly more clear what else can be made vegan.

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